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Friday, May 4, 2012


rolls off the tongue like my tongue rolls along her
mouth watering, the taste makes me sure
ill never roam too far from the place next to her

and ill never want to wander if its off her chart
its the end of science
the beginning of art
end of walls
all i see is roof
looking straight up
all i see is you
cuz u wear heels
and im 5'2
i promised you love
i think you need proof
well consider this lifetime
me showing my work as truth

She chews on a pen, the plastic pulling down her bottom lip.  Lucky pen.

Every day im on my knees thanking god for my past days
So best believe im ready to give up all my past ways
I know you're mine, this is not a phase
the way i see forever is looking into your face.

Farewell to everything but your arms
I want to be smothered, breath in only you.
Sleep next to you and wake up just the same
Until the daydreaming passes and makes this dream come true.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dulce Diosa

To the subject of my thoughts:
You call me your muse; I can't stop writing about you.  You draw me; I sketch your silhouette in every corner of every paper.

Sink, sinking, sunk--the sunkenness that is this destination, this space, is you.  The portal on your chest hypnotized me.  The map on your wrist guides me.  The back of your neck is a face, and I press my own against it.

The bow of your top lip lifts and falls.  Your eyes are sleepy and slurp my soul into anywhere.  When they burst open, I am there to meet them.

I desire you, and I always have.  Lay down, drip your liquid love.  I watch and lick, play and remember, actualize and virtualize.  Let me devour, consume, and corrupt your skin.  I will not ask and you will not resist.

Dulce Diosa, duermete.  My lips will stick to yours tonight and in the morning, in dreams and in-betweens, in drowning and floating.

Your bow, your portal, your map, your blue, your red, your song, your gasp,

It is my god.