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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Women vs. Men

Being a woman is expensive and time consuming. On average it takes me about 2 hours to get ready for special occasions, while the average male needs only 20 minutes.
One of the main problems is the amount of hair women have compared to the average male. For example, if I do not put any products in my hair, within thirty minutes of blow-drying, it becomes extremely frizzy. After this step, comes straightening. If I neglect straightening my hair I will then have tangled locks adding an extra ten minutes of brushing at the end of the night. And dare I try curling it, I need to use about half a can of hair spray, otherwise those curls will be completely gone in an hour. I also have highlights, which is about a two hour process to complete and must be done about every two months. A man’s average haircut takes less than thirty minutes and can be put off for months until they attend their walk-in appointment.
While time alone is a problem for women, an even bigger issue comes in the form of dollar signs. Everything that I believe is essential, those hair care instruments and products just named, are all expensive. If you want a decent straightner you will have to spend anywhere from $80-125. The same goes for curlers. A decent curling iron can range anywhere from $60-125. Hair products vary in price, but I constantly run out of hair spray and serum due to my frizzy and fine hair. Therefore, I am wasting money buying the biggest can of each every time I shop, adding another $20 to my growing tab. And women’s haircuts are expensive. For me, a hair cut includes:
Washing $30
Cutting $30
Highlights $100
Blow-dry $20
Averaging $200 per salon trip
The average male can spend about $20 at any Super Cuts where their hair will look fine.
Along with appearance are nails and make-up. It takes about $60 to get a set of acrylics and about an hour and a half to get them done properly. Add another $30 if you want your toes to match. Next is make-up. When I apply my make-up I use foundation, eye-shadow, eye-liner, mascara, blush, and then a powder foundation over. The average MAC prices for the following products are:
Foundation $30
Eye-shadow $15
Eye-liner $15
Mascara $20
Blush $20
Powder foundation $30
Averaging $125 for Make-up essentials
Lastly are clothes and shoes. While there are some exceptions, for the most part women’s closets double the size of men’s, if not triple. Women change their outfits sometimes multiple times a day, while men are more likely to keep reusing the same shirts and jeans that they own. However, the amount of shoes men and women have are pretty close in number. Men seem to cherish their shoes more than anything else they own, but women are still spending more on appearances than men ever do.
When a man gets ready all he has to do is shower and then 75% of the process is done. Afterwards they might put some gel in their hair, $10 at their local convenience store, and maybe some cologne, around $50 but technically free since it is almost always a gift from their mother or girlfriend. It may take a few minutes to decide what shoes to wear, and a few seconds to put their clothes on, but after that whole process only about 30 minutes has passed. While it would be amazing to take 20 minutes to get ready, I know this is unrealistic and I just need to get use to my unfair life as a woman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your life is not unfair. You choose to confine yourself to the standards set by people who simultaneously sell you products and have you believe you are helpless against buying them. What is unfair is that more than three quarters of the world make less in a week than what you spend to put on your face every day.

Reality's a bitch, but she doesn't wear make up. Take a note.

March 24, 2012 at 6:56 PM  

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