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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Shonagon Moment

To know something that is unfathomable

To express something terrible

To know about something you can’t change

To be sorry about something you can’t change

But wish you could

Something that is strange

Something that is mysterious

Something that makes little sense

Something that can be too short,

But sometimes very long

And yet still unfulfilled

Something peaceful

Something expansive

Something scary

Something we can’t understand

But can sometimes be for the best

To forget about people


And family

To not know people


And family

A thing that is cathartic

A thing that is stressful

A thing that is devastating

A thing that is imminent

Something happy

Something joyful

Something heart wrenching

Something that makes you sadder

Something that makes you feel a little better

Something wonderful

Something beyond

Something perfect

Something that you need

Or what you need it to be

Something endless

Something infinite

Something earned

Something that can be forgotten

Something that is indescribable

Something painful

Something that must happen

Something that takes time

Something everyone goes through

A thing that is irreplaceable

A thing that is soft

A thing that is special

A thing that means so much

A thing that is not a thing at all

But a person

A thing that is small

A thing that is diminished

A thing that is forgotten

A thing that is unsure

Yet ready

A thing that is not a thing at all

But a person

A thing with curly hair

A thing with little hair

Both things thin

One thing young

One thing old

Both things gone


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