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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Don't

As I sit in the chapel, I feel nervous and sick. I do not know if it is because of the cheap decorations or the strong smell of cigarettes from the casino, but Vegas weddings are not for me. Although I am not close to the bride or groom, I decided to come on this journey for a second spring break. However the crying baby behind me is seriously making me regret my decision.
As more and more guests arrive, they embody the definition of a Vegas wedding. Women walk in either limping because they cannot walk in their four inch heels or making click clack noises because they are wearing beach sandals and all of them are pulling down their dresses because they wore club attire instead of wedding. The men aren't much better because although they are in suits their converse don't exactly compliment the outfit. I guess for people other than Vegas residents, weddings do not refer to the traditional ceremony in which formal attire is a must.
When the music begins I sigh and direct my attention to the open doors. To my surprise the bridesmaid actually had cute dresses, even though they were hot pink, Vegas inspired. But once the procession was done the music changed and the bride walked in on the arm of her brother. After the five steps up to her husband to be, the music stopped and the dialogue began. It was at this moment I realized weddings were not so silly after all...
The groom never took his eyes off of his bride. As soon as she was close he whispered, "You look so pretty. I love you so much." It was a beautiful moment and made me think about my future marriage.Although I do not plan on taking the plunge for at least ten more years, and it will NOT be in Vegas, I know exactly how I am going to react. I am going to be sick, nervous, and cry historically throughout it. A perfect demonstration would be the Catholic wedding in “Wedding Crashers,” the one where they bet on if the bride is going to cry or not when she walks up the altar. As soon as she looks at her groom, her face crinkles and the tears flow, a moment that evokes laughter. And although these are all extremely negative feelings, marriage is a life changing experience and I clearly don't respond well to change.
However, these two were ready to unite as ball and chain. The groom looked into his brides eyes and with a strong, clear voice said “I do.” The bride responded with tears in her eyes, and in a shaky voice the words, “I do.” And the make out began...
The point is true love, as demonstrated from the movie-like set wedding, can overcome such jitters and lead to a life of happiness. So congratulations Kyle and Anna! If there’s young couples that can make a marriage last out there, it is your two.
And if you are like me and have a deep fear of weddings and chapels, just tell yourself the free cake and champagne will make it all worth it. That was some great dessert!


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