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Friday, April 29, 2011

Not an Ordinary Concert

r Canepa
Blog 6

Two weeks ago, I was unsure whether or not I should attend Coachella. After reading Sean’s celebratory blog on the same event, recognizing some of the great artists performing, I knew I couldn’t miss it. I have grown into a very avid listener, always picking up the new synths from electronic artists and unique notes and strokes from the bands. My eclectic ear has an insufferable desire to listen to music at any time.
As you know from my previous statements, I am a newcomer to this event, but after experiencing two consecutive years, I feel that it’s going to become a ritual. I actually prepared for this event far in advance when it was still 2010. To be honest, the fact that you need more time to plan Coachella than you would a Christmas vacation is absolutely preposterous. I had no idea there were so many nut heads out there that cared about this event as deeply, or more so, as I did. I remember my friend calling me in November of 2010, asking me if I booked my rooms for Coachella. I remained silent on the phone, and thought to myself, “is she serious?” I immediately thought she was a crazy fool for taking it so seriously. It’s as if it’s some religious gathering of hipsters and wanna be hippies. Needless to say, she convinced me to look into reservations. Her frantic voice made it seem like I had to reserve right away or else I’d be sorry. All was set, and the only thing left was to purchase the ticket, which was yet to be released. Also, I didn’t even know who was going to perform! I was certain it was going to be good after listening to all the rumors from my boss at Capitol Records. Only five days after the tickets were released, the show was already sold out and the sad thing is, even after all the reservations, I did not get that ticket in time. I knew that someone somewhere, would decide not to go, and worst case, I’d pay a few dollars more for the pass. I wasn’t really worried. However, Honestly though companies who decide to buy thousands of tickets, and sell them at a much higher price, are total bastards. Another great win for free market society. Months passed and day after day I lost my desire to even go to Coachella. About two weeks prior to the weekend of epic proportions, I completely lost my desire and will to go, not to mention, find a ticket still.
On Friday, April 15, 2011 at 4:30PM, oh and by the way, I still went to class on Friday because I’m a boss like that, I was en route 10 heading to Indio Valley. Long story short, I went just to see a girl. But who am I kidding? I wanted to see the bands! I arrived in Palm Springs, showered, changed, made sure to not forget my deodorant, very crucial not to forget that deodorant, and headed to bliss. I felt like a child who had just discovered Disneyland. Watching the glowing Ferris wheel from afar in Coachella was like witnessing an amusement park as a toddler. As soon as I entered, the vivacious sounds jittered through my veins like a pack of red bulls before a final exam. Before I knew it, it was already Sunday. What happened between Friday and Sunday, I still can’t quite fully comprehend.

By Mortimer Canepa


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