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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Grind By Chanel Mitchell

Up early chasin’ checks
Got money on my mind
Don't knock my hustle
Go and find your own grind
Mama always told me I should never dull my shine
Who knew my light would one day be a sign
Tryna reach success
The devil creeps up from behind
Haters gettin’ out of line
But everything is fine
It will all come it time
Like the Little Rock Nine
Stood tall and didn't whine
Cuz it's all about the grind

Pity games
Pity fame
Call me by my sinner name
Through the pain
Storm and rain
Words won't ever ease the pain
Who's to blame?
Lions tamed
Showed up but he never came
But through the rain
And all the pain
My aim will always be the same

Gimmie mo’
Stackin’ dough
Neva po’
Tell me no
Eyes low
Smokin’ dro
Stunted growth

Over time
Measured size
Life’s surprise
Free your mind
And Recognize
It's all about a hustlers grind

-Chanel Mitchell

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