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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Uncertainty colors the horizon
Clasping at the standard, precision aimed
In a quest for perfect;
I prefer The Perfect Imperfect.

Prodding at the mind with
Image, imagination, insight;
The star in the sky, a sliver in time that knows no standard;
He/She/It is the Perfect Imperfect.

Eyes cast upward framed by the cascading 
horizon, I dwell on what could become.
The young man on the beach path known 
to me only in this moment as the shadows 

of our existence cross making reflected, refracted rainbows
like two crystals in sun.
Anonymous prisms casting our perfect 
onto the sand dusted pathway between sun, sea, and sky.

Budding infants dance on the rough calluses
Of its open palm, eyes to the moon,
Make horizons of our smiles, and skylines of our winks.
Forever upholding the standard of
Perfect Imperfect. 

-Nicole Ostlund


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