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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Happy Place

Watching Harry Potter with my mom in bed,
surrounded by my five dogs that were just fed.
Listening to the Beatles in the kitchen while cooking.
Walking around in my underwear with no one looking.
Watching the clouds in the sky.
The much needed catharsis of a cry
The love I feel for my team
gives me a reason to beam.
The art of sharing a smile,
if only for a little while.
Relaxing on the couch with my boys
is a moment that brings me so much joy.
The rush of an ocean wave on my back.
The anticipation before a trip after I pack.
Summer memories with my family on the boat.
The softness of my mom’s fur coat.
Wild adventures on Devil’s Lake.
The feeling of no exams left to take.
Feeling high on life all the time.
The scent of a freshly squeezed lime.
The humid smell of the Florida Keys.
Eating honey digested by a bee.
Flying down a mountain on my snowboard.
Going outside after it just poured.
Living 2,000 miles away from home.
Feeling moved by a beautiful poem.
The mystic freedom of my backyard.
Checking the mail to find a card.
Growing veggies in our organic farm.
A really tasty dish of chicken parm.
The discovery of a secret garden.
The sound of the word pardon.
Not being in a hurry
or having a worry.
Running around in a port city.
Hearing someone say something witty
Falling in love with Spain.
Laughing when my friend says something vain.
Seeing my family in Turkey.
Waking up feeling perky.
My dream of marrying Prince Harry.
Randomly seeing my old coach, Carrie.
The smell of my mom wearing Chanel Chance.
Listening to a song that makes me want to dance.
Being telepathic with my friends.
Having some type of advice to lend.
Loving class because I have a great professor.
Feeling comfortable in my skin and never lesser.
Our tradition of watching the Family Stone.
Catching up with a friend on the phone.
The freedom of living on a coast.
Spreading peanut butter on a piece of toast.
My addiction of enjoying a cup of Starbucks.
Calm on the surface but paddling underneath like ducks.
Wearing a dress made of lace.
The emotion of finishing a race.

My happy place
is looking at your smiling face.

Megan Gallagher


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