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Saturday, January 26, 2013


           I feel lost from you.
           Who is this person with the great façade
           I used to know and used to cherish with all that I had?
           I’ve given up on you, time and time again; but you always pull me back in,
           I always fall for your games. 
           We’re supposed to be one but now you’ve gone, and I don’t know how
           I’ll ever find someone to replace you.
           Yes, you’re still there. But you’ve chosen her.
           I may forget at times, but I will never forgive.
           We used to take walks and stay up all night,
           you were the one person I could call up till dawn.
           So much has happened, and you knew it all.
           But now you’re not the first I call.
           I don’t know you or what you’ll become,
           And this breaks me every time you cross my mind.

           I see you once and talk to you twice,
           And think that everything is how it was.
           But ten minutes later, when I turn around to see if you care
           You’re not there.
           I can’t keep fighting this war I’ve fought
           5,000 miles away from you.

            You used to be my person.
            And you say nothing’s changed,
            But every time I look at you
            Every single piece of you has; it’s just not the same.
            I try not to wait but maybe in some years time
            We’ll be together again, blood sisters at heart.

            Until then, I’ll be waiting. 



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