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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Failure or Fiasco?

As somebody once said there's a difference between a failure and a fiasco. A failure is simply the non-presence of success. Any fool can accomplish failure. But a fiasco, a fiasco is a disaster of epic proportions. A fiasco is a folk tale told to other's to make other people feel more alive because it didn't happen to them.
While I did not cost a major shoe company almost a billion dollars in unsuccessful shoes, like Orlando Bloom's character from the movie "Elizabethtown," I can admit to having some failures in my life. Therefore, when he spoke these words I found myself amazed that I never thought of failing in this manner. I associate this act more with shame and humility, but never something so simple as merely not having any success. The way he points out the difference between a failure and a fiasco actually brought me some condolence over past issues. More specifically, the things I have tried to achieve and essentially failed at. Afterwards, looking at these insignificant acts did not cause me to be angry at myself but actually made me laugh. How could I be so passionate over something that was not life-changing or significant in any way? These things that at the time were such a big deal, and then virtually forgotten later on. For example, in high school I was devastated that I did not make my varsity volleyball team when I was a Junior, and the only reason was because that is what I thought was supposed to happen. Juniors on the JV team are such nerds, right? But I had no preference to the Varsity coach or any of the girls on the team, it was more of a pride issue. I was upset having to stay behind. However, I GOT OVER IT and spent the rest of that year being the captain of my JV team. Because I felt that I was not good enough for the Varsity team, I did not see it for what it was; it was a way for me to help the JV have a successful season. So was not making the Varsity team a failure or just an opportunity to better myself? The high school me would like to blame the "conspiring" coaches and consider this moment in time a "failure," but the college me will say that it was the non-presence of success, and instead, was a chance for me to lead others instead of follow. I did not experience a fiasco, nor have I ever. So I cannot call anything in my life a fiasco. However, I can say that I have experienced total failure, but so what? I am still doing whatever it is that I do and getting ready to have a life changing experience. I need to stop over analyzing the past and dwelling on my failures. Instead, I must focus on my future. Because as Orlando Bloom once said, there is no failure in the future just the non-presence of success...


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