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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lotto Fever

Because graduation is less than thirty days away, I have come to an important conclusion about my life: I need money. With this thought in mind there could not have been a better time to start investing in the California Lottery. Although I have never even bought a scratcher before I felt it was time to try my luck at the Mega Millions. Who wouldn't want to win $240,000,000 from initially spending $1? However, this game is entirely based off of luck, meaning, impossible to win.
My coworkers are the ones responsible for sparking my addiction. One Monday morning, my coworker asked me if I wanted to come downstairs to buy lotto tickets with her. I told her that I would walk down with her, but I was not going to buy any tickets. With the look she shot me after I had said these words you would have thought I just responded that there was no God. She explained the situation that I could potentially win millions, so I agreed to partake in this popular activity.
When we arrived at the gas station, I told her the only way I would buy a ticket is if I got to pick the numbers, and she grabbed me a sheet. However, since I have never played before the gas man had to explain to me how the columns worked. Once completed, I had bubbled in five columns instead of one, therefore, owing five dollars. The man had locked my numbers in and then I pulled out my debit card to swipe. At this moment my coworker began to laugh at me because you can only play lotto with cash. It was a great moment to find this out because not only did I not have any cash, but the ATM was also out of order. Reluctantly I had to promise the gas man that I was going to get him his five dollars from my office across the street and would be back shortly.
After all the hassle, I bought the tickets and on Wednesday morning found out that I did not win a dime. However, this major loss did not discourage me but only made me crave more tickets. It was then that I realized I had lotto fever...
And with this disease fully taking over me, instead of only paying one dollar for one ticket like I told myself in the beginning, I always bought in pairs of 5. For the Friday night drawing of $290,000,000 I lost, leaving me with negative $10. Then for the Tuesday night drawing of $363,000,000 I lost, bringing my total to negative $15. But instead of learning from my mistakes, it only fueled my lotto fire. For the next drawing of $640,000,000, I decided to go all out and enter into a lotto pot with my coworkers. I paid $20 to enter in and then paid another $5 to purchase my own tickets on the side. Needless to say instead of winning millions, I donated $40 to the California lottery and reaped in no benefits other than to fill a brown paper bag with little pieces of paper.
The moral of the story is there is no easy way out. If you want to make millions, you have to earn it.


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