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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Citizen Journalism

The concept of Journalism is a notion that has drastically changed over this last decade or so. The methods of journalism and who in fact can be a journalist is no longer limited. Essentially, anyone can be a journalist now. While a journalist before
only required a pen and a notepad to capture news and interviews, now a phone will do everything for us to be journalist, and with the help of the worldwide web, news can be put up within minutes. Is it even possible to regulate who is a journalist? Not really. The power of journalism has now been distributed through the internet, where the average person has the ability to transmit information globally. This power was once only reserved for large news agencies and media corporations.
The definition of journalism is vast, and basically is public press; the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media; writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description, designed to appeal to current popular taste, or current events. This notion was once seen as being limited to only professionals who worked for a newspaper, television or radio station. The idea of citizen journalism is one that has emerged through the recent innovation in technology and the media. We now have a more diverse and complex form of not only getting the news, but providing it as well. The concept of citizen journalism(anyone can be a journalist) is one that has become criticized and condoned as being unorthodox and an illegitimate form of news.
With so many innovations in technology it has become possible for anyone to be a journalist. Within minutes we can upload any photographs or videos onto the web to be open for anyone. The internet revolutionized everything, and now all it takes is our sophisticated mobile devices that are capable of doing more than just making calls, and now serve as mini computers that we can carry in our pockets. The resolution on our camera phones are impressive, and have quickly outdated digital cameras from just a few years ago, and the capability of my current phone goes way beyond the first computer my parents purchased when I was in grade school. The advancements in technology are uncanny and quite overwhelming; however it has become adequate with the fastpace of life. We live life at a hundred miles an hour and we expect to receive our news and information just as quick.
Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress; Just a few sites where people are serving as journalist.The use of media being used effectively can be seen in The Dream Act, which has been able to help immigration reform. The famous and rather recent pepper spray incident shows how we can be journalist. A police officer who pepper sprayed students at UC Davis being exposed shows how people can unite with journalism. We are just now beginning to find out what journalism everywhere looks like. While it might be worrisome for large media and news corporations, it can be seen as a good thing for people who just want the news to live in a world where we are free to express information.



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