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Monday, March 5, 2012

Football As A Sport That Sperates Us From The World

New York Giants vs New England Patriots,two teams that I have no connection to or much interest for. As hard I as I try, I can never look forward to the Super bowl the way I see people do. Specifically it is the hype that the Super Bowl gets every single year that confuses me. Everywhere in the world, soccer is known as football, but football in America is nothing like soccer. In the aspect of the rules, it is quite evident that they are completely different, even more so in the significance they have on an entire country. Nevertheless, we will never be able to understand why soccer is not football like the rest of the world, or why exactly is it soccer is not that popular here in the U.S.
As a soccer fanatic my entire life, it has become quite easy to notice the passion that has not been given to what is known as futbol , and perhaps the only universal sport. By universal I refer to the way it brings countries together in various ways. In the most recent World Cup in South Africa, we saw both South and North Korea put aside their issues as they both participated. More specifically, I can speak from personal experience of recognizing soccer as universal. I have played soccer with local people in three different countries, New Zealand, Greece, and Mexico. Geographically, these locations are nowhere near each other, but the common language spoken among us was easy, football. It did not matter where I was from, my beliefs, background etc; The only important thing was we shared the common love for the game. The evidence for soccer being extremely unpopular here in the states is quite clear, as it does not surpass Football, Basketball, or Baseball. It is true that soccer is only a growing sport America, and the MLS is still young a league, however, the idea of soccer one day surpassing its superior sports is unlikely.
The soccer tradition around the world is not every four-years at the World Cup, like many people in America assume. Internationally yes, the biggest tournament is the World Cup without a doubt. Worldwide it does not get much bigger than this, however soccer is all year around everywhere around the globe. Even though we are separated from the rest of the world, American football has simply become a part of our culture. Unfortunately it is an uncanny one, that it difficult to grasp for myself. Not to say American football it is not a sport, or I have anything against it. I am simply expressing sentiments of frustration and confusion.
On Super Bowl Sunday I attempted to sit through and watch the game, but found it difficult especially after realizing it was being basically broadcasted via Facebook. Every news update on Facebook had to do with people talking about the game. One of the things that left me in confusion was why I felt bad for changing the channel during the game. I felt guilty as if I was doing something wrong by not watching the Super Bowl. Essentially I would consider myself an outcast for not watching it. I follow sports regularly to know enough about the two teams facing each other. What I did not know was how why people were so passionate for this game, if they were even passionate at all or just going along with the crowd. The reason I say this has to do with the way I see people change teams every year. People can say they have a favorite team, but I always see a huge wave of fans jump around and root for other teams. Not to say there aren’t people who have a team and stick to them, but I feel like the majority just pick and choose from season to season. I watched how people at one point went from liking the Saints and Drew Brees, not disliking them, or Aaron Rogers; now the big hype this season was Tim Tebow. So I only wonder who people will like and dislike by the end of next season.


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nice idea..thanks for sharing....

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