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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

Last week I heard about a new YouTube video in which a man shoots his
daughter's laptop over her Facebook status, and my immediate first
thought was, what a waste of a laptop. I did not care about why her
father resorted to such an extreme punishment or what her status was.
I just prayed it was not a Mac. Although I quickly forgot about the
video as soon as I heard about it, the radio stations this morning
were all discussing it. And when I heard about what the fifteen year
old girl posted about her parents, I could not help but agree with her
Dad's response.
"I can't wait for the day when you get too old to wipe your ass, don't
call me asking for help. I won't be there." Her hatred for chores
caused her to write this. It was such a powerful statement over
an insignificant issue. She complained about putting the dishes away, doing her laundry, as well as
cleaning the floor and counter tops. At that age, life is not
According to her father, when he was her age he had moved out, lived on his own,worked two jobs, attended college, and volunteered as a fire fighter
all at the same time. And all he asked of his daughter was to keep
the house tidy. While I cannot relate to the father’s impressive
resume as a teen, I know what it is like to dread chores. However, now
that I am in college and three months away from graduating, I have
become extremely grateful for how my parents raised me.
At fifteen I did not have a laptop or a cell phone and was forced to do
chores to earn them both. Even though I went to a private all girls
Catholic school where some girls had two cell phones, in addition to
their Mac books, I did not receive these luxuries until my parents
felt that I deserved them. I had to get straight A’s and play two
sports to finally have my Razr and PC. But I do not resent my parents
for being so harsh with me, instead I appreciate it.
Because they taught me that I had to work for the materialistic items
that I desired, they helped me transition into the independent person
I am today. When I was a teen, I felt the same anger towards my chores but I
would never publically post it on the web. Teens are getting too
comfortable posting personal details about their lives that they do
not care who they hurt with such actions. While I would love to use
the blocking feature on Facebook, I am mature enough to not post
anything where I would need to use it.
Due to the technological advancements of this modern age, teenagers
are becoming more ungrateful instead of hard-working. Not all parents
need to shoot their children's prized possessions, but they need to
teach them that they have to do more than just want something, they
have to earn it.


Anonymous Josel said...

As a parent I can feel how the father feels but I will not tolerate his actions because it can’t help in the situation. Violence can’t be solved by violence. A simple thought that the father should think about. There are better ways to solve a problem and violence is not included; I do hope that he can realize it before it is too late.

April 16, 2012 at 6:45 PM  

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