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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Fail

Losing bets, spending a ridiculous amount of money to watch basic television, and catching a cold are all constant reminders of how terrible the Superbowl was this year. I made bets with my co-workers and laughed in my friends' faces when they said that the Giants were going to win. I whole-heartedly believed that Tom Brady was going to get that fourth Superbowl ring and he and Bill Belichick were going to be recorded in history as the best QB/Coach duo of all time. My excitement to see my favorite team (since I was ten years old), made me dig out my old jersey and make reservations to watch the big game at the House of Blues in Hollywood.
I heard about the Superbowl event on Power 106. They were going to host all night with Papa John's for a supposedly "free" event. My boyfriend and I arrived right on time and entered a raffle contest where concert and amusement park tickets, as well as various other prizes including a 55" Flat screen, were going to be given away throughout the game. We eagerly submitted a few papers with our names on them and walked in.
They had a huge projection screen where the game was on and music blasting from a DJ that mixed the entire time. I though we were going to get free pizza and win some concert tickets, but instead we were told if we wanted to sit down we had to pay a minimum of $100 on their menu. As if the wait for the food wasn't enough (45 minutes), the food also came out cold. Therefore, we were forced to purchase overpriced single item foods, terrible drinks and equally bad waiting service.
The next day at work my coworkers collected my money and proceeded to laugh at the rookie mistakes the Patriots had made. Like Gisele said, "I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times. My husband cannot f-----g throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time." While I ignored most of their comments, football related, we talked almost all morning about the horrible halftime show.
All I can say is Madonna made a great effort to try to put a show on for the 111.3 million viewers who tuned in, but she fell short, very short. I was almost happy M.I.A. flipped off the world just to take the focus off of Madonna.
Another disappointment was the terrible commercials! I love watching the commercials during the game, but this year I was thankful that Power 106 gave out prizes during this time so I did not have to watch all of them. While Mr. Squiggly was clever and great advertisement for Sketchers, why did Audi have to promote the idea of vampires delivering pizza? That doesn't even make sense!
When next year's game comes around I am definitely staying home where the food is fresh and free. Go Raiders!


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