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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stop it, George Lucas

No, seriously, just stop it. You know exactly what I’m referring to. Back in the late 1970s up to the mid-1980s, George Lucas not only created a movie trilogy, but he created a universe. It was family-friendly, epic story about good vs. evil, likable characters, and overcoming adversity. Star Wars was on everybody’s minds at the time. Even if you weren’t born when it was a hit, myself included, Star Wars should be a part of every childhood. In fact, it should be required by law. They will change your life, as they did mine when I first saw them.
But then, Lucas decided to belittle his own franchise when he started the prequel trilogy. When he first announced that he was going to be filming Episode I, never would Star Wars fans realize that this was the beginning of the end. The trailers blew my mind when I first laid eyes on them. They were flashy, stylish, high-tech; man I couldn’t wait to see those movies. But then afterwards, I would always leave the theater wanting more. It was missing that magic spark; that fuzzy feeling I get whenever I watch the original trilogy. Episodes I and II were okay. Episode III was better, but nowhere near the quality of the original. I was hoping that it would end right there.
Then came the DVD releases of the original trilogy. Unfortunately, these versions would be the “touch-up” versions, meaning that Lucas would add-in CGI elements alongside the classic animatronics that Lucas once relied on. These CGI touch ups hinder the movie experience. They stand out so much and it’s so obvious when it’s there. Recently, Lucas announced that the movies would be released on Blu-Ray. Once again, they would not be the original theatrical versions but with even more touch-ups. Look, it’s cool that you haven’t forgotten about your movies, Mr. Lucas, but honestly, how many times can you release the same damn movie? Why do you like making your fans pay for the same movie over and over again? Get this: starting next year, Lucas is going to release all six episodes in theater with 3D. Dude, are you kidding me? Once again, you like torturing your fans because you know the absolute hardcore fans are going to pay to see them in 3D. Movies should remain in their original form. You don’t see The Godfather being retouched a million times. You don’t see Back to the Future retouched using CGI. You don’t touch classics.
By Aaron Frias


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