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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maintain Temptation

Recently, I have witnessed a rather heavy increase of drivers being pulled over on the scenic and spacious road we know as Lincoln Blvd. In general, I’ve noticed that the police force has dramatically increased all around Los Angeles. I strongly believe it’s mostly due to the fact that the State of California desperately needs money to support their gaping deficit but regardless of this matter, the desire to speed in times of pressure or purely for joy, is certainly diminishing. If you are a Good Samaritan on the road, and obey the rules at all times under any given circumstances, I commend you. You’re patience and excellence under traffic laws is truly awe inspiring. However, I will have to ask you to stop reading because this message isn’t for you. For all of those who have recently scored glory points on your license and wish to keep your insurance and license numbers low, please hear me out.
Three years ago, stoked on driving my new car and oblivious to any other thoughts besides college I regularly neglected the law in many areas, including traffic laws to say the least. I’m not implying that when I enter my car, I go on a vehicular manslaughter spree like in a GTA game, but I can’t say I fully respect the speed limits in certain areas. With a vast and vacant street like Lincoln Blvd., I constantly get the itch to push down the pedal just a little further. I try so hard to maintain my Zen with these low speed limits, but I just can’t do it. What’s even worse is when you feel absolutely no need to speed but have to suffer driving behind some old snail on Lunesta and you can’t help but turn to the next lane and drive faster with a hint of rage. Those very moments lead to being pulled over. Though the power and rush of speeding can lead to a thrilling enjoyment, it is not worth it. Your car and the road ahead of you is always unpredictable and as comfortable as you are with driving faster than the limit, try to avoid those temptations. You may get away with it many times, but the days with shining red and blue lights glistening against your rearview mirror are imminent, and will eventually creep up on you. Before you know it, you may effortlessly rack up a consecutive number of points and face even deeper charges. Not to mention the encumbering bills. These points will leech on your records for three years and will always burden the delight to continue driving. It will lurk in your thoughts when you enter the car or when you try to fall asleep. Even when decide to purchase something nice for yourself, you will always be brought back to the day you signed a check to the court. I don’t want this parasitic feeling for anyone, so I urge you not to fulfill temptation in speeding.

- Mortimer Canepa


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