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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I-PHONE 4G: A Less Than Corporate Debut

I-phone 4G: A Less Than Corporate Debut

I usually try to stay away from too mainstream or conventional otherwise I’ll start to feel like a clone, however like many I have fell subject to the clutches of the monopoly that is the apple I-phone 3GS and 2009 Mac book pro.
Apple products are and always have offered pretty expensive products despite their constant software model updates, which unfortunately for the rest of us do not depreciate in value as quickly as we’d like. Anyone who has had an apple product lost, damaged, or stolen, like myself, can vouch for the fact that this situation stings.

Well for one Apple technician the situation of his lost phone has started quite a controversy. The reason for this is because the technician didn’t just lose any phone but he lost apple’s unreleased I-phone 4g prototype, at a bar. Even worse is that the phone has fallen into the hands of Gizmodo, the online tech blog. Gizmodo obviously enthusiastic about the find immediately posted pictures and video of the new phone.

Apple has been a company that has been well known for it’s products extreme secrecy before releasing a new product, the company was sent into an immediate frenzy requesting that the phone be returned immediately.
Although some feel the “accidental debut” is a hoax, Gizmodo lists several of the phone’s characteristics that contradict the idea of the phone’s illegitimacy.

1. Apple reported the phone lost/stolen.
2. The phone screen is a higher resolution than the current I-phone 3GS individual pixels being indiscernible to the naked eye.
3. The phone is running in I-phone 4.0 software, which without the release of the actual phone would otherwise be impossible to obtain were this not an actual apple product prototype.
4. The phone functions exactly as an I-phone does when connected with a computer pulling up I-tunes immediately. Without the uniform apple I-phone usb cord, connecting the phone to a computer would have been difficult however the apple usb product for former I-phones evidently fit this new phone if it was able to connect properly to a computer and function the same as the current I-phone.
5. The phone found also uses a micro-sim a technological advancement no other phone that can be found in the United States exhibits at the current point and time.
6. The case on the outside is specially designed to trick people into thinking that the phone is a 3GS the case housing smoothing out the I-phone 4G’s angular cornered features and rounded at the back giving it the appearance of being a 3GS. Additionally the casing had holes cut out for flash and a frontal camera that the new I-phone 4G’s have been installed with for frontal video chat.
7. Finally when the phone was finally taken apart the components were all trademarked with the signature name, Apple. The contents of this phone are also significantly smaller due to the phone being flat, instead of rounded and so the notion that this is simply a refurbished I-phone 3G or 3GS is impossible.

Some of the new features of the I-phone 4G are:
-Visible seams, although there seems to be no specific function for the new phone’s angles other than for the purpose of creating a new design.
- Front facing camera and flash.
-Micro-sim, which differs from a regular SIM card.
- A secondary microphone to eliminate outside noise interference.
-Two separate volume buttons.
-All buttons have been changed to look metallic.
- An aluminum bordering around the newly styled flattened edges.
-Larger battery and close to 3 ounces heavier than he last 2 generations of I-phones
-Running on OS 4.0 device specific software.

Although the new phone’s debut was scheduled for later this year it is uncertain whether or not the accidental debut will effect whether or not the date of the phone’s release is pushed back, coming early, or staying on schedule. All I can say is let the new trend begin.

by: Christina Lo Duca


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