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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am not a big fan of Sci-Fi, so I cannot use a good example of the robots will one day take over the human race and kill us off. But there so many days when I feel exactly like that and start to hate every technological advancement that has recently 'improved' our lives. Let me preface this by saying that I am a technology geek--I love all the latest, greatest, fastest, slimest gadgets that are thrown out there. I own most of these gadgets and frequently freak out when one is out reach for even 10 minutes.

The thing about these gadgets is that you start to notice how easy they make your life only when something goes wrong. At work, I quickly resort to calling the IT department and waiting around for them to fix the problems, but this option is not available to me when things start breaking down. Well, I could pay someone to come and take care of things, but it is hard to justify that expense when I know that I can figure it out myself. This post is coming in the wings of a battle of sorts, which started with... ah, the rain! In LA, we get rain about twice a year, but everything goes haywire when it does. There are accidents, people start driving even worse than before and, in my case, electricity is affected among other things. So, when it started raining, my TV started acting up and after waiting for a couple of things for things to get better I finally took the plunge and called DirectTV. After a technician visit and a new DVR in the mail, the problem was solved and I could use TV to procrastinate yet again!

Just as the TV got fixed, my Internet connection got really slow at home and almost non-existant. While trying to fix that my computer hard drive died! Fixing the hard drive and the Wireless connectivity are items one and two on my list right now. When will I get to them? When I feel like I am emotionally fit to handle these issues and any others that might prop up as a result. Because with technology issues, problems always come in groups, always. I am currently at a place where I try to wean myself off of my addictions with gadgets, or at least not develop new ones. The new iPad? Of course i want one! How could I not? But I am going to try to hold out on buying one, because I have come to realize that more gadgets make your life easier only until something goes wrong with them. Once an error occurs, your life is simply so much worse as a result. By the way, I do fully recognize the irony of complaining about technology in a blog.

Lilly Berberyan


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