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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Solidarity Following Disaster

Times of crisis have the potential to produce a kind of supportive solidarity that is often unseen in everyday life. After the tragic and massive destruction in Haiti three weeks ago, I began to see signs of support on an international scale, efforts to help that disregarded differences in location, race, class, culture.

Moved by this unity, yet feeling rather detached, I sought out a way in which I could make a contribution despite my distance from the disaster. On January 23rd, the Red Cross of Santa Monica held a two-mile fundraiser run, “Runnin’ for Haiti,” to raise money for the relief effort. The event was endorsed by various celebrities and local businesses, and was run by many young volunteers from the community.

From the first people who showed up to help at 7:30 in the morning, to the beach side run that took place hours later, the participants were an energized and assorted crowd, gathered together for a common cause. On the first day of sun after a week of heavy rain, an enthusiastic sea of people in red clothing jogged the stretch from Ocean Park to Santa Monica pier and back again, taking up the width of the walkway and bike path.

Even in tight economic times, the thousands of attendees made their personal contributions, small and large, in hopes of alleviating suffering in a faraway country. The financial outcome of the event, which raised over $72,000 to benefit Haiti, is testament to the importance of even small donations on a large scale.

Like me, others at the fundraiser were attempting to make their small difference despite the restraints of location. The throng of people gathered along the beach path that Saturday generated a picture of diverse individuals uniting to help, save, and benefit others; a scene of hopeful solidarity that helps to restore optimism, and that will hopefully continue as people in Haiti work to get through this disaster.

If you’re also looking for ways to contribute, you can check out The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, or other organizations providing relief in Haiti. Also, keep an eye out for local events (like the concert at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre next week) for the opportunity to participate close to home.

Corinna Ace


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