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Monday, April 27, 2009


"Bro," or Anthony Smulders, will forever have a place in the hearts of many men. As a member of ADG (which he moderated at LMU) I, along with hundreds of other members, had the unmatched pleasure of spending quality time with a man that most students saw in passing or avoided as a biology prof. The truth is that Brother Smulders is one of the most decent and kind men I have ever met. He never stopped encouraging; he was never afraid to make sure to correct someone when they messed up; he was never, ever hesitant to give someone a second chance. All he cared about is people caring for each other.

It's the passing of men like this that can shake people to the core. Brother Smulders was a member of ADG for almost forty years. He was a national president, as well as man of the year seven times. He always played the role of coach, mentor, and guide. When the going gets tough, Bro's catchphrase kicks in: "like water off a ducks back."

I've spent nights talking with him; I've spent nights getting drunk with him; I've seen him yell and scream.

And I've cried with him.

Here's a paragraph of his philosophy that not many have seen, but he was always willing to share.

"In closing, I'd like to briefly explain my life's philosophy, which is basically contained in four simple words: PEACE*LOVE*HOPE*JOY. These words appear not only at the bottom of my e-mail messages, but have been at the very bottom of every test I have ever given at the University. They refer to my belief that each person is unique and has a unique purpose in life, and that it is my task to guide each and every one of these students through the good times and the bad times. Once you accept yourself as you are created, you will be at PEACE with yourself. It is only then that you can LOVE yourself for who you are, and truly LOVE another person for who they are. In that case you can LOVE humankind, and then there will be HOPE for the future and PEACE for the world which will bring JOY to all, including the 'haves' and the 'have-nots.' It is our duty to bring people together."

rest in peace, bro.


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