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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pick Your Stop!

Among the array of BMWs, Mercedes, Range Rovers, and Bentleys around the Loyola Marymount parking areas we are now faced with another issue of excess. Driving in to the University Hall parking lot on the first day of classes this semester I was faced with men and women dressed wearing black pants, white collared shirts, and red vests. My roommate and I looked at each other hoping that valet parking was not actually taking place on campus, however, our fears were solidified with a sign that read “Please Pull Forward For Valet”. The first thing that I said to my roommate was “Only at LMU”. For some reason it does not seem normal for a university to offer valet. I could possibly be wrong, however, I have not heard any of my friends that attend other universities that they offer this service. This seems to be over the top and a waste of funds. This money could be better spent toward progress to more parking spots. It also seems ridiculous that students cannot take the initiative to park their own vehicles. It is understandable that at times it is difficult and irritating to find parking around campus, however, the best solution to me does not scream “VALET”.
To me there are only a few solutions that would better solve the parking problem. First, removing the ability of freshmen to bring cars their first year. Though this does seem harsh it also seems necessary. The increasing size of the freshmen classes each year with the ability to bring a car for free their first year seems to play even deeper into the problem. Either they the university needs to tell students they are not allowed to bring their cars or the university needs to have a lower acceptance total. Another solution that comes to mind is having a designated parking area off campus and offering a shuttle that would get the students to and from their vehicles safely. Though this is a solution seems ridiculous it is a solution that could work. My final solution to this problem is building a parking structure on the Hannon Parking Lot. There is plenty of space and if they were to appropriate it properly they could even build another dorm that would help with their housing shortage.
The idea that students are having to take tardies, turn assignments in late, and even having to skip class because there are not enough parking spaces for students is difficult to swallow. There is something about the idea that an institution knows that there is clearly a problem for students and faculty alike, yet, it appears that nothing is being done. LMU argues that valet is in place to solve this problem, however, it still seems to be problematic in terms of having to move cars to and from when people are in a hurry to get to and from class. Tandem parking seems to be a good idea but I know from dealing with tandem parking, it is not as easy as it looks. Though I have not seen any students partake in the valet parking system I feel that it violates the ideals of going to college in the first place. Going to school is not the same as going to dinner and having to valet your car for the time you are there. Getting an education is supposed to be a time where we become informed and well rounded individuals, individuals that will be able to thrive in the world and stand on our own feet. Even a small task of not parking your own car seems all together absurd. It seems as though it is insignificant but all it takes is a bit more patience to find a spot that will eventually open. This patience may mean that students need to come to school earlier during the times that they know has high traffic volume. The solution also needs to come from the university, as they need to make a decision and decide if they are going to continue to bandage the problem or if they are going to fix it good.

By: Alyssa Silva


Blogger Editorial Staff said...

First sight of the valet made me cringe..still does. It just clutters the rest of the aisles and wastes space. Here's to a new parking garage!

--Weston Finfer

April 28, 2011 at 5:20 AM  

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