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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speulveda and 76th Street

I was on Sepulveda and 76th Street when my life changed.
I was on Sepluveda and 76th Street when my life changed...lanes...

And you know what I can't even complain because I know I needed it.

It was of those days where I couldn't think straight and I couldn't breath properly and I just needed to...get away.

So that's what I did.
I search of my happiness.
So I drove.

I'm driving...I'm driving...I'm driving...

And as I'm driving I see those mesmerizing eyes, those real eyes, that can realize what really lies within in me

I'm driving...I'm driving...I'm driving...

And as I'm driving I imagine our skin on skin contact which is beyond fact the direct cable that channels through my mind body and soul and it is my goal to see my happiness TODAY.

I'm driving...I'm driving...I'm driving...

And as I'm driving, it is MY green light when this old lady with all her might...
Slowly...swerves....left....right in front of me and we crash.
We crashed on Sepulveda and 76th Street and I did not see my happiness that day.
On that day, my life changed. Itchanged lanes on Sepulveda and 76th Street.
I thought I was dead. DEATH was knocking at my door...

And then, when I opened my eyes...clouds of smoke filled my mind
You see, it filled my mind, then it surrounded my car...
It surrounded my car after it filled my mind of smoke, smothering, stifling
All my thoughts, all my emotions except for one cuz all I could think about at that particular time was....YOU

You were the only one on my know when someone has that type of presence that makes your jaw lock shut...I am speechless.

I didn't even think about the impact of the airbag that busted my lip and bruised my chest.

Not even the fender that was mangled and tangled in the lady's car let alone is she was still alive my

Headaches hurt way less than my heartaches and all it takes is for someone to just...

The stench of the smoke and radiator fluid didn't even phase me and it's amazing to me that it stung my eyes so bad but my cries were for something else.. I could've...
I could've died without...

letting you know how I felt about you.

I mean...I have eyes....four of ‘em actually, but I wasn't seeing...
There's movement in my legs but I wasn't walking...
Fingertips stroking skin, that's not touching...
Yeah, sounds are coming out of my mouth but I wasn't talking...
Until NOW.

And, as this story unfolds... it took a collision for me to see that.
And for that...I AM THANKFUL.

Jennifer Vassel


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